Talking Agent Reminds You of The Coming Appointment

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Have you bored with the traditional outlook style notification: play a ring sound, pop up a dialog, then show you the coming appointment/task?. It's an ordinary reminder, no fun, no extra action. If there are some animated cartoon to playing, things will change. Think of that, when your appointment coming, a vivid agent pops up, reads the notification content to you, and plays some animation to show the message. A lovely agent popping up makes the coming reminder more acceptable, more interesting. What's more, listening to the appointment, not reading the appointment free your eyes from the text.

eReminder - Easy Calendar& Reminder has integrated Microsoft Agent technology, and includes some lovely agents inside. When you schedule an appointment, it will message you with a cute agent, and read the whole content of appointment.

Any agents comply with the standard of Microsoft Agent Technology can work with eReminider. Moreover, eReminder has a test function to verify whether your new agents can work with eReminder. Nothing to worry about, why not have a try?

Configure eReminder to inform you with the coming appointment/task.

Add your new agents:

  1. Start eReminder Center,
  2. Select Tools, Agent Configure from the menu, or
  3. When you configure your reminder, click Configure... in the Modify Reminder or Add Reminder dialog, which is located in the right of Pop up an agent.
  4. In the Agent Configure dialog, click Add button, add a new character as your reminder agent.
  5. click the Remove button, to remove the character.
  6. Click the Test button to test whether the specified the character is complying with the Microsoft Agent Standard.
  7. Click Ok button to save your changes.
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